Leeds United Methodist Church

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Collecting Nonperishable Food, Paper, & Cleaning Products


During 2021, Leeds UM Church designated the first Sunday of each month as "Nonperishable Food, Paper and/or Cleaning Products" Sunday.  Calvert Farms plan on dropping off fresh produce to Leeds School during the first week to add to our collection.  All the items are going to families associated with Leeds Elementary School.  If you want to drop off donations, contact the church on 410-398-1897 or our Minister Cheryl Snyder 443-553-2263.



Upcoming Projects: "Remembering Her" [Honoring the women in our lives (May] and

  "Remembering Him" [Honoring the men in our lives (June)]



Ongoing Project:  If you participate in Rednor's Gas Card Awards Program, we can use your cash register tapes; just mail them to the church.  We collect 2021 calendars and drop them off at the "Good As New" shop in Elkton and current magazines are used by Union Hospital.



Team Members:  Linda Ayres, John Logan, Gil Nagle, Edith Racine, Wayne Sprout, Cheryl Snyder (Pastor), and Tracy Webb


Meeting DatesTuesday, Feb. 16, 3:30, Community Hall (Feb. 17th Ash Wednesday)

                            Wednesday, Mar. 17, 3:30, Community Hall

                            Wednesday, April 21, 3:30, Community Hall

                            Wednesday, May 19, 3:30, Community Hall

                            Wednesday, June 16, 3:30, Community Hall