Leeds United Methodist Church

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Pastor Cheryl Snyder

Why am I in ministry?

Growing up, we were what I call part-time Christians. We only went to church on holidays and sporadically throughout the year. The church we attended was Cherry Hill UMC, so I grew up with experiences in the United Methodist Church

When I was 29 years old, I started attending  St. Johns's United Methodist Church on a more regular basis. I began to serve the church in multiple facets and was growing in Christ.  I believe this was God's way of preparing me for His call to ministry.  It wasn't until I was 45 years old that I actually answered God's call to ministry in a pastoral role.

As I began to follow and grow in Christ, I noticed the transformation as one of His disciples.  I am not the same person I once was. There have been healings, answered prayers, blessings, peace, joy, and love; I know all this has come from my conversations and encounters with Christ.  I know first-hand the difference He can make in my life, and I am excited to share with all - to make disciples of Jesus Christ; to share the good news; to care for the lost and the hopeless; and to care for, encourage, and support those who have chosen to follow Jesus.

Disciples Who Make Disciples

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