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If you have a need for prayer, we would love to have an opportunity to pray for you. Please send us your prayer request. You can use the form below to send us your request.

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We could all use a little prayer every once in awhile.  And sometimes we could use a lot of prayer.  

Leeds United Methodist Church now has a drive-thru Prayer Box.  Anyone, at any time, can drive up to the Box, fill in a prayer request (paper and pen provided), and tuck it safely and snugly into the Box, resting assured that the Leeds UMC prayer team will be lifing up that request in prayer.  There is no need to include your name, phone number, or any contact information unless you would like a prayer team member to contact you.  

Leeds Pastor Cheryl Snyder recently reflected "Not everyone in our community has a home church, or even if they attend church regularly may not feel comfortable asking for prayer.  This is an opportunity for everyone in our community to feel the love of God not only through the Pastor, but through the members of the church." 
The Prayer Box is an important part of our community outreach.  If you would like prayer, drive up, write down your request, and enjoy peace of mind that others are holding you close in thought and prayer.  You may also use the prayer request form posted above to submit a prayer request directly to the church.  For more information please call the church office at 410-398-1897 or email office@leeds-umc.org. 

As we are called to a life of prayer, we ask you to take time to pray for the many unspoken requests throughout our congregation as you visit this site.


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